Resilient Seat Gate Valves

Resilient Seated Gate Valve - Flanged



Manufactured to AS/NZS 2638.2, Dobbie resilient seated gate valves feature high quality 500/7 ductile iron body and cover castings, providing superior strength and substantial resistance to wear and impact damage.


Precision machined 431 grade stainless steel has been utilised for the manufacture of valve spindles, providing a significant level of corrosion resistance and high strength.


Valve gates are manufactured in Ductile Iron & encapsulated in EPDM to ensure a tight seal.


High mechanical strength and wear resistant engineering plastic thrust washers ensure low torque requirement for both sealing and cracking operations.


A robust 316 stainless steel gland incorporates two O-ring seals and a wiper ring, ensuring both reliability and longevity in service. O-rings may be serviced or replaced with the valve under full operating pressure.


Integral feet provide a stable platform and lifting points have been included in the design to aid safe installation. 


Valves may be operated using a key or by handwheel.


Fusion bonded polymeric coating to AS/NZS 4158 provides excellent protection from corrosion and abrasion.


May be installed in either horizontal or vertical position.


Available in PN16 pressure classification in either clockwise closing (CC) or anti-clockwise closing (ACC) configurations.


Sizes shown are subject to change due to Dobbie continual product development.