Dobbie has a well-equipped machine workshop with both manual and CNC machines. It boasts a large range of borers (Vertical & Horizontal), lathes, mills, and drills. 

Having the ability to machine large sized, small quantity products, as well as high quantity production parts is just part of the wide range of services Dobbie offers.

Dobbie has the capability and capacity to machine finish a wide variety of products from standard mild steels through to the specialised machining requirements of hardened abrasive white irons.

The engineering team are dedicated to provide clear and timely communications and liaise closely with clients in discussing their specifications. A proactive team, they are constantly striving to improve and enhance all aspects of their output.

Dobbie has an ongoing commitment to the delivery of quality, cost effective products, whilst providing comprehensive personalised service to every client. Dobbie’s reputation reflects this commitment.   






Machine Shop Capabilities



Yang MH800 horizontal machining centre (800mm x 800mm twin pallet)
Wasino LG83 CNC machining centre
Union horizontal borer 1500mm x 1200mm
Metal export horizontal borer 1400mm x 1200mm
Toss horizontal borer 1100mm x 900mm
Webster & Bennet vertical borer 1200mm
Webster & Bennet vertical borer 900mm
Geminis GE870 lathe 3700mm
Eximus LH760 lathe 1800mm
Pinacho S-90/260 lathe 1500mm
Dean Smith Grace with taper turning attachment 1200mm
Foradia GK 50.150 radial drill
Milwaukee horizontal milling machine 400mm x 1800mm
Faro edge portable coordinate measuring machine






Product Testing



Dobbie has a comprehensive and highly specialised assembly and testing facility capable of the assembly, hydrostatic and dynamic testing of a variety of water transfer products. The dynamic flow assembly is one of the largest in Australia. Valves can be tested for conformance with a range of Australian Standards. Large castings can be tested for flow and pressure specifications. Whatever the requirement Dobbie’s trained technicians can help design the required equipment, and test the product to the appropriate specifications. Dobbie are also able to arrange product testing through Plumbing Testing Laboratory, a NATA certified testing laboratory if required.