Dobbie is a major supplier to some of the largest companies in Australia. With over 75 years foundry experience Dobbie can confidently handle any project large or small.


Dobbie supply the Resource Sector as well as the Locomotive, Brick works, Cement works, Pump, Alumina works industries and many others. All clients enjoy clear and comprehensible communications with prompt response times to all requests.  Lead times are generally significantly shorter than those offered by international companies and quality is far superior.


Clients that deal with Dobbie soon learn that what Dobbie offers, Dobbie delivers!  






Typical Foundry Products:


In-Line Rail Products - Rail Track Components
On-Line Rail Products - Rail Wagon Components
Mill Liners
Valve and Pump Components
Exciter Housings
Brick Works Manufacturing Products
Concrete Works Manufacturing Products
Mining Machinery Components
Waterworks Products
Crushing Equipment
Abrasion Resistant Wear Liners
Impact Resistant Wear Liners
Ground Engaging Tools
High Strength Lifting Equipment