Materials & Capacities


Dobbie is a Ferrous and Non Ferrous foundry that manufactures from the softest of Bronzes to the hardest of Chrome Irons. With both large and small capacity Induction Furnaces Dobbie can satisfy the needs of most industries.






Metals produced for Dobbie Products conform to Australian Standards: 



AS 1830 - Grey Cast Iron
AS 1831 - Ductile Iron
AS 1833 - Austenitic Cast Iron
AS 2027 - Abrasive Resistant Cast Irons (White Irons)
AS 2074 - Steels: - Plain Carbon
                              - Low Alloy (High Tensile Grades)
                              - High Alloy (Impact and heat resistant grades)
                              - Manganese
                              - Stainless Steels
AS 1565 - Copper and Copper Alloys
AS 1874 - Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys








Dobbie Furnace Capacities



Steel: Max Pour Weight 3500Kg
Ductile Iron: Max Pour Weight 3200Kg
Bronze: Max Pour Weight 170Kg
Aluminium: Max Pour Weight 50Kg