Fire Cabinets


Fire cabinets assist in the protection of fire equipment from degradation due to weather exposure, and also augment security, lessening the impact of vandalism and public mischief. AS2419.1: 2005 regulates the specifications for the sizing, clearances, marking, security etc. of protective fire cabinets.


They are generally painted R13 “Signal Red” to enhance visibility, which assists easy identification and lessens the likelihood of accidental damage. However, subject to local Fire Authority approval, paint color may be customized provided labelling remains in a contrasting color.


Dobbie can arrange the custom-manufacture of any type of cabinet, to suit any fire protection application. Dobbie can cater for unique sizes, configurations, colors, material, gauge, stenciling etc.


Dobbie’s expert knowledge of fire cabinetry solutions will ensure that all cabinets are fit for purpose, cost effective and regulatory compliant.