Landing / Hydrant Valves

Landing / Hydrant Valves


Dobbie supply a range of Landing / Hydrant valves which are accredited to AS2419.2: 2009


Standard hydrant valves are available in two configurations

  1. 80mm Roll Groove inlet connection

  2. 65mm BSP (m) inlet connection 

These hydrant valves come with B.I.C. inlets and are therefore suitable for use in W.A. / N.T.


Additionally we have a range of landing valves with alternative inlet connections (Storz, QRT, SFAB, or CFA) which are available in either right angle or oblique configurations as per individual state requirements. 


Hydrant valves can be supplied as a single valve, or fitted to Hydrant Risers, Booster/Feed Assemblies or any other specified pipework/valve configuration.


Caps are available for all types of connections.


Individual components for hydrant risers and booster/feed assemblies such as: R/G butterfly valves; R/G check valves; R/G HDG couplings, R/G x Flange adaptors, pipe manifolds, etc. are all available.


Cabinets for assemblies and risers are also available.


Dobbie additionally manufacture/sell a range of specialty hydrant valves including the ‘Kwinana’ valve and Pressure Reducing Hydrant valves.


Dobbie also manufacture Spring Hydrants (80mm & 100mm) which are accredited to AS3952: 2002 for use nationally and Underground (Screwdown) hydrants for use by Water Corp for the Western Australian market.